gazebo can not load urdf with dae. (panda, ros2)

asked 2022-12-28 00:21:59 -0500

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I'm trying to spawn a panda robot on gazebo using ros2.

The panda robot spawns in rviz, but not in gazebo.

So, I tested only the link0.dae file among the links of the panda robot, but it is not spawned in gazebo.

the first test ----------------------------------------

panda.urdf file look like this

image description

and the panda.urdf file was loaded and published with launch file in ros2 (humble)

The link (link0) is visible in rviz2 but not i gazebo

image description

image description

the second test ---------------------------------------- so I changed the dae file to another one in case there was a problem with the code. But in this case, the urdf file is spawned well in gazebo.

image description

the third test ---------------------------------------- I just tried to load dae file with gazebo cmd.

with file image description

$ gazebo

but dae file is not shown in gazebo. image description

I hope someone can tell me what's wrong with me.

Depending on the dae file, is there a condition where it is not loaded in gazebo?

Please give me any comment. I spend whole week on this.

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