Creating a temperature sensor model

asked 2023-02-03 02:09:46 -0500

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Good day to all.

My task is to simulate a temperature sensor. In its simplest form: the sensor is installed on the robot and publishes the current temperature value to the topic every n seconds.

The problem is that I have studied gazebo and ROS only from a theoretical point of view, and this is my first attempt at practice. Accordingly, my questions are: 1) Is there an up-to-date link to a guide for creating a sensor plugin, at least in a general way. 2) Is there an up-to-date reference on giving objects in the gazebo world the properties of temperature, which would affect not only the object itself, but also its environment. 3) Whether correctly I generally approach the decision of the given task?

I've carefully researched this forum for solutions to similar problems, but all the questions and answers are so outdated that the links there no longer exist, which prompted me to create this topic.

The text was created by Google translator, so I apologize for the grammar.

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