libignition-rendering3 on Ubuntu 22.04?

asked 2023-02-24 14:51:49 -0600

DimitrisGk gravatar image


I am new to ROS2 and gazebo and i have been trying to install this package "libignition-rendering3" although i am getting this error: "Unable to locate package libignition-rendering3". I have also trying changing from 3 to 4 at the end but nothing changes.I would like to ask if anyone knows if there is a workaround or if i can find a way to install this package? is it available? would i need to go back to 20.4 focal?

Any help would be much appreciated since i am very new to the field!

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Can I ask why you're trying to install that version? Also, which repo are you trying to install it from? Upstream Ubuntu or

azeey gravatar imageazeey ( 2023-02-27 12:54:34 -0600 )edit