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I want to use gazebo garden with ROS 2 Humble. I need help with the syntax/example to make launch file in ROS 2 to spawn gazebo with .sdf files instead of spawning it through terminal using $ gz sim empty.sdf

asked 2023-03-02 05:31:48 -0500

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The current launch files that are usually available feature the code to launch gazbo-classic. I am looking for the updated code for gazebo garden. I also want to know the difference between gazeo-garden and ign-garden.

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answered 2023-03-03 14:49:40 -0500

azeey gravatar image

There's some documentation and and some examples at

You should be able to start Gazebo using

ros2 launch ros_gz_sim gz_args:="shapes.sdf"

and spawn a model with

ros2 run ros_gz_sim create

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