UAV simulation of obstacle avoidance in Gazebo?

asked 2023-03-05 07:44:20 -0500

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I would like to simulate some 3D path planning capabilities of an UAV in Gazebo. So Firstly, I download a point cloud of an outdoor area with obstacles. Can find any in internet.Than Load the point cloud to Gazebo. After that,convert point cloud to 3D model (something like thisconversion). So for this purpose I can use any type of UAV available in a standard ROS packages, or e.g. some of the MRS drones(

So my question is how to show 3D path planning capabilities of an UAV: e.g. given a starting location, show how does the trajectory avoids obstacles in the 3D model?

Any help on that?

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Is the question how to visualize a 3D path in Gazebo where the path is generated by some other code or how to do the path planning itself?

azeey gravatar imageazeey ( 2023-03-07 10:44:31 -0500 )edit

the question is how to do path planning and then visualize it

astronaut71 gravatar imageastronaut71 ( 2023-03-07 17:04:09 -0500 )edit