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I was doing exercise 2.2 from ros2 site and got error while trying to launch gazebo with turtlebot3

asked 2023-03-30 07:16:28 -0500

Nomercy gravatar image

The error is:

[] [ERROR] [1680177560.548042880] [spawn_entity]: Service %s/spawn_entity unavailable. Was Gazebo started with GazeboRosFactory? [] [ERROR] [1680177560.548391031] [spawn_entity]: Spawn service failed. Exiting. [ERROR] []: process has died [pid 21544, exit code 1, cmd '/opt/ros/humble/lib/gazebo_ros/
-entity burger -file /opt/ros/humble/share/turtlebot3_gazebo/models/turtlebot3_burger/model.sdf
-x 0.0 -y 0.0 -z 0.01 --ros-args'].
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answered 2023-05-09 18:32:19 -0500

craig gravatar image

I also had this issue, and it seems to be a bug with the launch file because the default namespace is blank, which causes the following argument to be taken as the namespace.

Try adding "namespace=:=tb3 use_namespace:=True" to the end of your launch, like:

ros2 launch nav2_bringup namespace=:=tb3 use_namespace:=True
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