How to correct ros_gz_project_template diff_drive example errors [closed]

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On Ubuntu 22.04/ROS 2 Desktop Full (Machine is MAC M1 Virtual Machine arm64/aarch64), removed ros-ign-* and installed Ubuntu Binary ros-humble-gz-garden ( and ros-humble-ros-gz .

Example launch file error - should be ros2 launch ros_gz_example_bringup

With corrected launch script, rviz opens displaying a white square box no wheels, but no Global Status nor Robot Model

Repeated Errors and warnings:

rviz2-4] Warning: Invalid frame ID "diff_drive/odom" passed to canTransform argument target_frame - frame does not exist

parameter_bridge-2] [INFO] [1675493694.607504915] [ros_gz_bridge]: Creating ROS->GZ Bridge: [/diff_drive/cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/msg/Twist) -> /model/diff_drive/cmd_vel (gz.msgs.Twist)] (Lazy 0)

A search on this error suggested that Humble Binary installs look for Fortress message type. So I removed all installed ros_gzpackages and I attempted a source install from into ~: ws/ workspace

I needed to do a "Workaround" gz-transport and gz_math7, gz_sim7 , defining a GZ_CONFIG_PATH environment to clear rosdep. Following the procedure, selecting the correct "humble" branches, following error results :

git clone -b humble into ~: $ ws/src ~: ws $ rosdep install -r --from-paths src -i -y --rosdistro humble

Compile Error results::

ros_gz_sim, ros_ign_gazebo, ros_ign_sim, ros_gz_interfaces finished, while the next ros_gz_bridge continued for 5 mins then exited code 2 with several 100 error messages.

1 Package failed: ros_gz_bridge 1 package had stderr output: ros_gz_bridge 7 packages not processed.

Troubleshooting procedures appreciated.

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As I'm unable to compile ros_gz from source on to get a gz-garden compatible install, I realized I need to rebuild the system to install to do a Binary Install of Gazebo Ignition Fortress and ros-gz: See my other April 25, 2023 post "Unable to do Gazebo Sin Humble ROS 2 Integration Tutorial with gz-garden". I'm closing this thread.

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