My robot keep drifting on the ground.

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Hi. First of all, I apologize for my poor English.

I made my quadruped robot description package(urdf) with fusion2urdf and also edited a few things like transmission tag, inertia of links.

(+ I used inertia calculator for urdf made by muratkoc503 to make sure the inertia is correct. Here's the link. :

Despite my efforts, problems arose. When I spawn my robot in gazebo, it keeps drifting(moving) on the ground as if someone pushing it. (I just spawned the model without ros_control.)

I found and tried many solutions already on ros.answers, gazebo.answers.

host image

Here's what I've done about the problem.

ⓐI checked inertia many times, but I think no problem with inertia. I don't know if it is helpful, this is a picture of [view]-[inertias] in gazebo.

image description

ⓑI made the mass 10 times heavier and recalculated inertias, but the problem still is.

ⓒI changed links' <mu>, <mu2> tag higher but the problem still is.

ⓓMaking ODE solver iters higher (50 ->5000) is not a solution.

ⓔI found something strange but I have no idea if this is something wrong or just a common thing in gazebo. When I see [view]-[contacts] in gazebo, the contact points of legs change as if the legs vibrate.


Please help me..!

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