How does gazebo's physics use the gpu?

asked 2023-04-13 10:04:43 -0500

thibd gravatar image


I just launched Gazebo Forteress on a Core i5 PC with Ubuntu 22, created an empty scene, and added a pile of 20 objects with gravity. It is pretty slow. RTF is around 5 when the objects stabilize and 10 when falling.

I have to make a simulation that includes 100 objects that are too complex to be simulated with primitives so that it will be 100 low-fidelity meshes. If 20 objects with base shapes are too much to perform at 1:1, I imagine that 100 meshes will be very slow.

I typed nvidia-smi, Gazebo was not listed in the processes. So it seems that it was not using the GPU.

Is it normal? I heard that Gazebo was only using the GPU for rendering. If so, it means that I shall better look into CPU parallelization for physics?

If Gazebo can use the GPU for physics, do you know how I can enable this?


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