Segmentation Camera and Label plugin fails for spawned models

asked 2023-04-19 02:54:26 -0600

Illuminatur gravatar image

updated 2023-04-19 02:56:07 -0600

Dear community,

we have recently found out, that the segmentation camera in conjunction with the label plugin (ignition::gazebo::systems::Label) only works for models, which are already defined __before startup__ in the *.world.

If we are spawning models __during runtime__ of the simulation, the labels of the spawned models are not visualized. For spawning during runtime we used the create script from ros_ign_gazebo in a launch file:

<node pkg="ros_ign_gazebo" type="create" name="$(anon ros_ign)" output="$(arg output)" args=""/>

In both cases the model was defined with the plugin in such way:

  <plugin filename="ignition-gazebo-label-system" name="ignition::gazebo::systems::Label">

Since we would like to append models during runtime and to be detected by the segmentation camera, any help would be appreciated to solve this issue.


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