SDF dependency not found with Ignition Fortress 6.14.0: sdf/Element.hh not found

asked 2023-05-05 03:36:33 -0500

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updated 2023-05-05 03:38:11 -0500

Dear community,

unfortunately, I am not able to compile my plugins for ignition fortress (6.14.0) any longer. I obtain the following error:

/usr/include/ignition/gazebo6/ignition/gazebo/System.hh:30:10: fatal error: sdf/Element.hh: No such file or directory

My plugins' CMakeLists.txt is built up similar to the ignition fortress examples on github, see, e.g.

The transitive dependency to sdf seems somehow to have disappeared between the transition of two pkg updates, but must now be explicitly listed as well? Currently problem occurs with ignition fortress 6.14.0.

Any help is appreciated.


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Are you able to build the command_actor example? It builds fine for me on 6.14.0.

azeey gravatar imageazeey ( 2023-05-09 15:28:51 -0500 )edit