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Gazebo fortress won't load once I add Contact plugin

asked 2023-06-13 16:30:33 -0600

Lestes gravatar image

I have this sdf file:

<sdf version="1.5">

<world name="rl_world">
    <plugin filename="libignition-gazebo6-contact-system" name="ignition::gazebo::systems::Contact"> </plugin>


When I try to load in in gazebo with ign gazebo world.sdf it shows a blank grey screen with no entities. It doesn't give an error to the console. If I remove the plugin line it loads fine. Is there something wrong with it?

plane.sdf has a contact sensor on its only link and the TouchPlugin.

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-06-13 23:38:37 -0600

azeey gravatar image

updated 2023-06-14 21:58:41 -0600

This is a known issue ( where having any plugin in your world prevents default plugins from being loaded, so you'll have to add the Physics and ~SystemBroadcaster~ SceneBroadcaster plugins and any other plugins you might need to your world

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Thanks! Working now. Though for anyone in the future it's SceneBroadcaster. I think 'SystemBroadcaster' was a typo.

Lestes gravatar imageLestes ( 2023-06-14 15:36:30 -0600 )edit

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