Explain 'Exporting model paths from a package.xml section' of 'Using roslaunch to start Gazebo' tutorial on Gazebo-Classic

asked 2023-08-09 11:10:25 -0500

I was going through this tutorial on Gazebo-classic & wasn't able to understand this section.

I thought the section meant that: by editing the package.xml in the shown way (and sourcing the setup.bash of the catkin_ws containing the MYROBOT_description package), the GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH env variable will be set automatically instead of having to set it manually.

But when I edited the package.xml in the shown way & did catkin_make & sourced the setup.bash, the GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH env variable is still not set.

Can anyone please explain this? Thanks!

P.S: I'm using ROS Noetic.

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