Gazebo crush when building the plugin using ros_fuerte and running it with Gazebo standalone version (1.7.1)?? [closed]

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I have a sensor that is built with using “ rosbuildaddlibrary ( )” with ros fuerte. and I wanted to simulate the sensor in gazebo standalone version (1.7.) , I have compiled the plugin and inserted it in model.sdf file but when I run the file following the instruction in (Tutorials/1.4/using the ros plugins) but gazebo crushed immediately. Is there any reason for that?

In CmakeLists.txt I added :

include (FindPkgConfig)


pkgcheckmodules(GAZEBO gazebo) endif()

includedirectories(${GAZEBOINCLUDEDIRS}) linkdirectories(${GAZEBOLIBRARYDIRS})

and I have deleted the gazebo dependencies that is existed in the manifest.xml. When I run it , gazebo crash immediately.

Any ideas or suggestions how to solve this problem are so much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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