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problem using arm navigation with Atlas arm?

asked 2013-06-21 15:48:13 -0500

Prashant gravatar image

I am trying to use arm_navigation package with Atlas mainly for finding IK solution of Atlas arm. I am following tutorial in the following link: I used planning description configuration wizard to generate a package with name "atlas_arm_navigation". Within this package is a launch file called "atlas_arm_navigation.launch". Based on the tutorial to use the package my next step is to use the following command: roslaunch atlas_arm_navigation atlas_arm_navigation.launch. When I enter this command in the terminal following error message comes out: 'waitForService: Service [/register_planning_scene] has not been advertised, waiting... Waiting for robot state ... Waiting for robot state ... Waiting for environment server planning scene registration service /register_planning_scene'. I have seen similar issue being asked here. Based on the answer in the given link and looking at the of turtlebot I created a node that would publish the joint angles in Atlas arm. My code looks at follows:

!/usr/bin/env python

import roslib; roslib.load_manifest("my_joint_state_publisher") import rospy from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState

rospy.init_node("fake_pub") p = rospy.Publisher('joint_states', JointState)

msg = JointState() = ['back_lbz', 'back_mby', 'back_ubx', 'neck_ay', 'l_leg_uhz', 'l_leg_mhx', 'l_leg_lhy', 'l_leg_kny', 'l_leg_uay', 'l_leg_lax', 'r_leg_uhz', 'r_leg_mhx', 'r_leg_lhy', 'r_leg_kny', 'r_leg_uay', 'r_leg_lax', 'l_arm_usy', 'l_arm_shx', 'l_arm_ely', 'l_arm_elx', 'l_arm_uwy', 'l_arm_mwx', 'r_arm_usy', 'r_arm_shx', 'r_arm_ely', 'r_arm_elx', 'r_arm_uwy', 'r_arm_mwx']

msg.position = [-1.825729896154371e-06, 0.0012158011086285114, 3.1900293834041804e-05, -0.6108962893486023, -0.014087767340242863, 0.0600777342915535, -0.23434774577617645, 0.5147263407707214, -0.27372151613235474, -0.06056824326515198, 0.014155304990708828, -0.06070755794644356, -0.23345401883125305, 0.5148292183876038, -0.2747017741203308, 0.06044372543692589, 0.29961875081062317, -1.30330491065979, 2.0006399154663086, 0.49854737520217896, 0.00045716011663898826, -0.0025867922231554985, 0.29961803555488586, 1.3032892942428589, 2.000636577606201, -0.49854570627212524, 0.00045820337254554033, 0.002590071177110076]

msg.velocity = [0.00013856934674549848, 0.000154771376401186, -0.0001353632687823847, 0.008212480694055557, -0.00041940310620702803, -0.0005069326725788414, -0.00045518350088968873, 0.0008471862529404461, -0.0038269900251179934, -0.0011595507385209203, 0.0007314747199416161, 0.0002890885516535491, -0.0004049588169436902, 0.0005705549847334623, -0.002361031249165535, 0.00222948519513011, -0.00025113363517448306, -9.360113472212106e-05, -0.0003189251001458615, -0.00036248480319045484, 8.628344221506268e-05, 0.0003728768788278103, -0.0001802600163500756, 0.00012022889859508723, -0.0002849512093234807, 0.00032948522130027413, 6.529196980409324e-05, -0.00028708099853247404]

while not rospy.is_shutdown(): msg.header.stamp = p.publish(msg)
print("message published") rospy.sleep(0.1)

Even when I run this node the error message still continues to come in the terminal. I don't know what to do next? I would really appreciate if anyone with previous experience with Arm navigation have any suggestions for me. I am using ros Fuerte, Gazebo 1.8.2 and drcsim in ubuntu 12.04. Thank you.

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-06-27 19:17:35 -0500

nkoenig gravatar image

The arm_navigation package is dead. Try using MoveIt!

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