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[Gazebo!] How do the <Sensor> and <camera> works?

asked 2013-07-10 18:33:02 -0600

gazer gravatar image

updated 2013-07-10 18:37:05 -0600

Hi all ,

I am already able to use <sensor> and the <camera> tap in the SDF. Since Gazebo is super power simulator, I am extremely interested in how the sensor element works in Gazebo. Off course I am not asking for any details, I am only interested in how it works it general so I could have a better idea how to use such fuctionality properly to simulate the real object.

To be more specially, I want to know why adding <laser> tap will give us the laser scan fuctionality, and adding <camera> while declaring type: depth with give us the depth camera fuctionality?

Thank you all!

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answered 2013-07-10 18:52:40 -0600

iche033 gravatar image

Not sure what level of details you're interested in. Basically a camera in gazebo is a rendering based sensor (as opposed to a physics based one like contact sensor). On update, the scene is rendered from the camera's viewpoint and the resulting image data is published to its subscribers. A physics based sensor operates in a similar manner, it requests data from the physics world, does the necessary calculation/conversions then publishes the data.

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SensorManager's CreateSensor() function does the job on instantiating a new Sensor based on the specified type

iche033 gravatar imageiche033 ( 2013-07-18 01:53:44 -0600 )edit
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