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How to bypass the ros-gazebo rosmake/makefile magic?

asked 2012-10-03 10:50:12 -0600

Norman gravatar image

updated 2012-10-05 10:00:19 -0600

nkoenig gravatar image

Is there some documentation about how to build Gazebo for ROS after trying to apply some patches? I do need bumper sensors, which are still broken in 1.6.16 on Gazebo for ROS Fuerte.

The known patch was promised for 1.6.17, but this has not been released (as of 02/Oct/2012)...

A normal rosbuild either does nothing, or first downloads and then unpacks the "magic" tarballs with ROS-compatible Gazebo checkouts, which in turn overwrites any patches applied to the source tree...

Is the following correct?

  1. install ros-fuerte-simulator-gazebo package

  2. remove any existing ROS_NOBUILD

  3. rosmake --pre-clean
    (which downloads the magic tarball, unpacks, compiles everything)

  4. cd to the actual gazebo source tree

  5. edit some source files, apply patches, etc.

  6. make

  7. make install

  8. cd to simulatorgazebo; touch ROSNOBUILD

I am (trying to) use Gazebo on ROS Fuerte with the Shadow hand model. The latest available release version is 1.6.12, with

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answered 2012-10-05 10:27:03 -0600

hsu gravatar image


I'd recommend the following steps:

  1. leave the debian installs (things inside /opt/ros/fuerte/* untouched) and work off of an overlay by following the steps below. If you have already changed files inside of /opt/ros/fuerte/*, you might want to consider reinstalling affected packages by
    sudo apt-get install --reinstall ros-fuerte-simulator-gazebo
  2. create a workspace directory and cd into it
     mkdir ~/workspace
     cd ~/workspace
  3. checkout simulatorgazebo stack.
    svn co simulatorgazebo
  4. let ros know you want to use this stack instead of the one inside /opt/ros/fuerte/... and refresh rospack
    rospack profile
  5. build simulator_gazebo. Note that gazebo is pulled in from mercurial repo and built (see Makefile.gazebo.hg).
    rosmake simulator_gazebo
  6. to make changes to gazebo, go inside the mercurial checkout inside simulator_gazebo/gazebo/build/gazebo-hg/.

Note that above is compiled against a ''fuerte''-branch inside of gazebo repository, it's a snapshot back at revision gazebo-1.0.2. I've been testing it with gazebo-1.2.0 release candidate, if you want to test that branch out, get the sdf_1.2 branch

svn co simulator_gazebo

But this is not yet completely stable. And to run pr2 simulation, you might also want to checkout pr2_common along with it due to changes in SDF:

svn co pr2_common

as well as pr2_simulator

svn co pr2_simulator

into your workspace.

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