DRCSIM / Gazebo Roadmap for DRC Trials

asked 2013-07-24 21:01:01 -0500

GoRobotGo gravatar image

Is there a roadmap for DRCSIM / Gazebo to improve simulation of the DRC trials? We realize that:

  • you don't have an Atlas sitting in your office to help match simulations
  • the validation on Atlas HW is still a ways off
  • AtlasSimInterface may not be supported

Those issues kind of put you between a rock and a boiling hydraulic fluid place.

Our team (and I am guessing most of the others):

  • is willing to accept incremental changes (that may break things)
  • needs a good simulation of the hardware yesterday
  • will have Atlas HW soon
  • have ideas to help with some of the problems
  • don't have any excess people, but could provide some help

Do you have questions or requests for the teams? Is there a forum where we should submit our ideas for getting a good match to the HW?

Do you have date guestimates for:

  • improved urdf model
  • world files for the eight test courses
  • improved simulation of the physical robot (so gains more closely match between simulation and model)

Thank you!

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