gzlog time stamp problem

asked 2013-08-13 18:15:51 -0500

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Dear Friends,

I was trying to take out the state variable data from state.log in ~/.gazebo/log/*/ using the command gzlog echo -r -s real --filter myrobot1.pose state.log. In the log, I found the following:

time_stamp x y z roll pitch yaw

Bt the time stamp only contains the "second" whereas in the sdf format, in real_time we have "seconds nanoseconds". Can anyone kindly suggest how can I get the nanosecond part as well? Otherwise for a long stream of data, the time remains 0 secs.

Thanks and Regards, Debjit.

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Can you post example output that demonstrates the problem? Also include the version of Gazebo you are using.

nkoenig gravatar imagenkoenig ( 2013-09-15 20:02:14 -0500 )edit

I have an exactly same problem. The time_stamp keeps showing '0' with 'sim' and 'real' options. For example. "0 -1.213 -1.061 0.325 0.146 0.073 0.009 " ~. With the 'wall' option, it shows "1.38937e+09 -2.92913 0.5697 0.32423 0.15707 0.01613 -0.23282", but the time stamp doesn't change. It's probably because the number is too big. My gazebo version is 1.9.2. Thank you.

Wonyoung gravatar imageWonyoung ( 2014-01-10 11:07:48 -0500 )edit