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Simbody Issues in GAZEBO2.0.0

asked 2013-10-08 13:18:11 -0500

Hi, I have just downloaded the new version of GAZEBO (2.0.0) and I am trying to use simbody dynamic engine with my humanoid robot but I have the following error/debug messages several times:

Dbg Simbody::GetAngleImpl() simbody not yet initialized, initial angle should be zero until <initial_angle> is implemented.

Error [] Collision type [4202496] unimplemented Dbg Setting limitForce for [LHipSag]

Dbg Not implement in Simbody Dbg SetAxis Not implemented...

In terms of simulation I see the robot penetrating the ground and falling. Is this something that I have to change in my model? Actually I have tried to spawn the pr2 but gazebo crashes while with the youbot the robot looks like floating and the link collides one each other. I suppose this is normal due to the w.i.p. release, just to know. Thx in advance.

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-10-08 19:40:30 -0500

scpeters gravatar image

Simbody is not yet fully supported in gazebo. I looked at the error message for, and apparently meshes are not yet supported as collision shapes. I've created gazebo issue #883 to track this. There's a list of other open issues for simbody.

As a workaround, can you use a combination of boxes, spheres, and cylinders to model the contact surfaces of your humanoid? You can probably start with the feet and hands.

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answered 2013-10-09 03:27:54 -0500

I see. This means that I can maintain the meshes for the visualization but I need simple primitive shapes for collision (I can not use the convex hulls that I have generated for my humanoids). Thank you for your answer!

Actually I also have another problem related with shared library: looks like GAZEBO can not find some libraries that I have to pass to it through LDLIBRARYPATH. I have built and installed gazebo-2.0.0.

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Can you either elaborate on the other problem or post it as a separate question?

scpeters gravatar imagescpeters ( 2013-10-09 10:45:30 -0500 )edit
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