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Building RRBot and the other demos fails

asked 2013-10-24 17:01:47 -0600

frist gravatar image

Hi, I'm trying to follow the Gaszebo tutorials but I have troubles building the demos and rrbot.

I'm using hydro, built from source on Ubuntu x64. ROS built fine, Gazebo runs as well, but I cant make the demos. I follow the URDF tutorial and cloned the gazeborosdemos git repository to the source folder in mycatkin workspace but catkin_make gives me an CMake error:

CMake Error at catkin/cmake/catkin_workspace.cmake:88 (message): This workspace contains non-catkin packages in it, and catkin cannot build a non-homogeneous workspace without isolation.

So... hmm, I'm a bit lost. Any sugestions?

See you Flo

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-10-25 12:55:00 -0600

frist gravatar image


It seems like you mixed up catkin and rosbuild packages in your workspace

Looks like, yes.

Is gazeborosdemos a catkin or a rosbuild package? I thought it was catkin.

cu Flo

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it is catkin

If a package/stack contains a manifest.xml it is a rosbuild package. Catkin packages contain a package.xml

evilBiber gravatar imageevilBiber ( 2013-11-04 02:10:32 -0600 )edit

answered 2013-10-25 03:27:09 -0600

It seems like you mixed up catkin and rosbuild packages in your workspace(or you have non ros-packages in it).

Does your workspace build without the tutorial package?

If it doesn't build you should separate these workspaces from each other and make sure that your catkin- and rosbuild-packages are seperated from each other.

(The demo compiles in my setup without problems ;) )

If this does not help you might ask a question in the ROS forums because the problem does seem to be related to your ros workspace setup...

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