libgazebo_sdf_interface no found while running Gazebo-1.9

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When I run gazebo-1.9.1 on the terminal (as a standalone and installed from a debian pkg) I always get the same error:

gazebo-1.9.1: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

As far as I know this library is no more used by gazebo. Previously I had installed gazebo-1.0.1, by source. Before trying with 1.9 I unistalled the 1.0.1 by deleting the gazebo contents in /usr/local, where it was installed. So it seems to me that somehow gazebo is still looking for the old libraries. Somebody has any idea of how to fix that? I have done exactly the same in my laptop (or that's what I believe...) and the 1.9 version works perfectly.

I have seen several questions related with this one:

eg. link text

but all of them where related with the integration with ROS, which is not the case. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I found where the error came from. As I said previously I had installed gazebo-1.0.1 and when uninstalling it (manually) I forgot to delete the gzserver executables in local/bin, so gazebo1.9.1 was calling gzserver1.0.1 which tried to find its libraries which were already deleted.

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