two collision elements with two contact sensors on one link

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I am using GAZEBO 1.8.7. (In this moment, I cannot move on new version.)

I have a link with two collision elements and I placed two contact sensors for those collision elements. Each sensor works fine if I remove another sensor.

Here is my gztopic list.


handmount_LEFT link has two sensors. Each sensor refers different collision elements. No matter how there are contacts for those two elements, the last sensor does not publish any thing at all. "/handmount_LEFT/contacts" also does not give any contact information for the last collision element.

However, interestingly, "physics/contacts" gives contact information for both. If looks like that one link can use only one contact sensor no matter how there are two or more sensors. Is it correct?


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Can you post the sdf code for the link handmount_LEFT? Also, this website has trouble with _ characters, so I updated your post to fix it.

scpeters gravatar imagescpeters ( 2014-01-07 18:22:22 -0600 )edit