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Gazebo 1.9 latest Ros-Hydro-Gazebo package isn't working correctly

asked 2014-02-06 13:50:23 -0500

mfran89 gravatar image

Hey Guys,

I am gotten myself into a real mess, and really need some help. I am currently running ROS Hydro, and I am aware that I need to run Gazebo 1.9.x in order for my ROS simluations to work on Gazebo. I have installed Gazebo 1.9.3 and verified that I have installed it correctly.

Now here is where the problem I think is. I used this command to install ros-gazebo pkgs

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-gazebo-ros-pkgs ros-hydro-gazebo-ros-control

For every file installed I saw a version number of "2.3.4" in it and example:

Setting up ros-hydro-gazebo-msgs (2.3.4-0precise-20140130-1938-+0000) ...

Is this version number associated with Gazebo 2.x or 1.9.x? Is this correct files for the ROS-Hydro-Gazebo package ?

After successfully installing the ROS-Hydro-Gazebo package, I tested using the gazebo_ros package by using the command

source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash

rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo

After running these commands my node gets stuck waiting for the gzserver and finally the command fails.

code8200@TETHYS:~/catkinws$ rosrun gazeboros gazebo Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 1.9.3 Copyright (C) 2013 Open Source Robotics Foundation. Released under the Apache 2 License.

Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 1.9.3 Copyright (C) 2013 Open Source Robotics Foundation. Released under the Apache 2 License.

Msg Waiting for master.gzserver: symbol lookup error: /opt/ros/hydro/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN3ros7console5printEPNS010FilterBaseEPvNS06levels5LevelERKSt18basicstringstreamIcSt11chartraitsIcESaIcEEPKciSE ................... Error [] Failed to connect to master in 30 seconds.

I need to know why this is happening. Can anyone help me fix this?

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I installed both Gazebo and ros gazebo pkgs through debs btw

mfran89 gravatar imagemfran89 ( 2014-02-06 13:53:32 -0500 )edit

I think the problem is that there is a undefined symbol for the gzserver gzserver: symbol lookup error: /opt/ros/hydro/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN3ros7console5printEPNS010FilterBaseEPvNS06levels5LevelERKSt18basicstringstreamIcSt11chartraitsIcESaIcEEPKciSE

mfran89 gravatar imagemfran89 ( 2014-02-06 14:04:16 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-02-06 16:12:05 -0500

Jose Luis Rivero gravatar image

You are right, the problem was an ABI change in the package rosconsole. Looks like you only are using ros repository (and not If this is right, you should have installed:

  • gazebo-1.9.3 (has nothing to do with the breakage)
  • ros-hydro-gazebo-* (2.3.4 versions)
  • ros-hydro-rosconsole (1.9.54 version)

Be sure that you have updated your ros-hydro-rosconsole and the version is 1.9.54.

apt-get install ros-hydro-rosconsole

I was not able to reproduce the error with these packages.

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Well I ended up reinstalling ROS Hydro before seeing this message, which did update the rosconsole to 1.9.54, and my problem seems to have gone away! I can only assume that the rosconsole may not have been up to date. So thanks for the info and I hope it helps others aswell.

mfran89 gravatar imagemfran89 ( 2014-02-07 07:50:49 -0500 )edit
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