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maze world with a mobile robot

asked 2014-04-06 10:57:23 -0600

mudassar gravatar image

How can I change my world environment in Gazebo 1.9 to a maze world with a mobile robot to solve that maze?

My ROS: Hydro OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Applying a learning algorithm on that maze to solve it.

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-05-22 01:21:13 -0600

Francisco gravatar image

Here you can find 2 mazes. In Testing the installation better execute this command:

roslaunch labrob_worlds crazy_maze.launch show_rviz:=0

The idea behind this implementation is to have a custom world file and a custom model.

Check the repository files and you will see the needed parts for you application.

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answered 2014-05-22 12:52:39 -0600

Stefan Kohlbrecher gravatar image

updated 2014-05-23 03:26:10 -0600

You can also take a look at hector_nist_arenas_gazebo. This collection of packages allows you to quickly build your own maze as well as use a pre-made one that can be started using

roslaunch hector_nist_arena_worlds maze_10m_x_14m.launch

A exploration example for this maze can be seen here on ROS Q/A

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