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strange IMU sensor behaviour

asked 2014-05-18 04:27:45 -0500

nerdOmat gravatar image

I have an IMU in my model. I have the following behaviour:

  • I apply a force in z-direction bigger than g to a the model. The body is lifted and the IMU shows the correct acceleration in z-direction.
  • Additionally I add a torque in x-direction to the same model after it has been lifted after some time. The body will sink since the force on the body in z-direction is split in a component, which lifts the body and a component, which accelerates the body in x-direction. Also this increasing acceleration in x-direction is being shown correctly by the IMU sensor.
  • When I now remove all forces, the body falls on the floor. But now I encountered the problem, that the IMU in x-direction oszillates +/- around the last value the IMU had, before it hits the ground.

What could be the reason for this? Actually the acceleration in x-direction should be set zero by the end, since the acceleration on the body in x-direction should have been neutralized by the friction.

Kind regards andi

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-05-31 14:19:08 -0500

nerdOmat gravatar image

Hm, I still have no sulution about this.

Does nobody else face this problem, or do you need more information? I would be really relieved if you can help me out.

Kind regards andi

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Asked: 2014-05-18 04:27:45 -0500

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