Configure ROS effort_controllers/JointVelocityController for Gazebo

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I am trying to set up effort_controllers/JointVelocityController's for our Care-O-bot in order to be able to send goal velocities to the simulated robot as we do with the real hardware. To begin with, I tried to set up the controllers for a 7DoF version of the Schunk LWA4p.

Unfortunately, I was not yet able to find a good configuration, i.e. PID values for the respective JointVelocityController, where the arm behaved well. It keeps dropping and is not able to execute the desired goal velocities.

On the ROS/Orocos Robot Control SIG mailinglist (!topic/ros-sig-robot-control/hk4vWCUAs5E), I posted my current experiences and the strategy that I was pursuing so far to find good PIDs.

I came across some observations that I could not explain while tuning the PIDs. Many of these seem directly to be related to the gazebo simulation itself.

Thus, I opened this questions as a pointer to the ROS Control SIG thread! Any comments are appreciated either here or there.


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