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libgazebo_player failed to initialise.

asked 2014-09-13 13:30:30 -0500

Serjfrog gravatar image

I just installed Gazebo 4.0 but when I tried to start player configuration file I get this output:

$ player position.cfg
invoking player_driver_init()...
error   : failed to resolve player_driver_init: /usr/local/lib/libgazebo_player.
so: undefined symbol: player_driver_init

error   : failed to initialise plugin: libgazebo_player
error   : failed to parse config file position.cfg driver blocks

I'm following the instructions from the tutorials site of gazebo -> Connect to Player.

My Player vesion is 3.0.2 and this is the content of my position.cfg file:

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["simulation:0"]
  plugin "libgazebo_player"

  # The name of a runnign Gazebo world, specified in a .world file
  world_name "default"

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["position2d:0"]

  # This name must match the name of a model in the "default" world
  model_name "pioneer2dx"
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answered 2014-12-04 15:34:13 -0500

rmattes gravatar image
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