Controlling a robot (position control) in Gazebo with no dyanmical information

asked 2014-10-16 07:38:40 -0500

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Hello everybody,

I have created a model of the light weight KUKA robot in URDF format and successfully ran in both Rviz and Gazebo. I don't have at disposition the inertia tensor and related dynamic information, so I set some default values (I know I can try and estimate them with MeshLab).

The physical real robot (KUKA) is position controlled and I would like to achieve the same in Gazebo. Ideally I would simply like to set the joint positions at every iteration. I have create a module plug-in and I plan to do it from there.

I am however quite new to the Gazebo-Rviz-ROS triptych. From my understanding you should not really have to create your own module to control the robot, but use a default one. All joint positions commands should be then sent via a ros topic which the default module takes care to convert to torques on the simulated joints.

So this is a two part question, 1) Can I have some default dynamic information of the robot such that I get physically realistic interactions between the robot and the world, whilst simply setting the joint positions of the robot. 2) Should the control of the robot be located in a Gazebo plug-in or in a separate package which sends joint positions to a Gazebo default module.

Thanks for your time, all answers or questions are welcome

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