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Visualizing LIDAR on active tilting sensor; hiding LIDAR visualization on inactive sensor

asked 2014-12-13 18:43:43 -0500

Evan Drumwright gravatar image


In the current PR2 model and running Gazebo 4.0, I turn off the base laser and activate the tilting laser for the PR2 model. It appears when starting the simulation that the former is active (I see a blue light emanating from it) and the latter is not (I see no such light). However, I can read values properly from the tilting laser (after first calling SetActive(true)). This is not a big issue- the code works properly- but the visual artifact is jarring. Am I doing something wrong?

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answered 2014-12-15 18:24:09 -0500

scpeters gravatar image

The base_laser has the <visualize> tag set to 1, while the laser_tilt does not have this tag set. I'm not sure if there's a way to programmatically enable the laser visualization, but it can be done by setting an sdformat tag.

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Seems reasonable. Thanks!

Evan Drumwright gravatar imageEvan Drumwright ( 2014-12-21 11:03:42 -0500 )edit
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