Exhaustive calculations in plugin slows down Gazebo

asked 2015-02-20 13:15:40 -0600

tik0 gravatar image


I implemented a ray as a plugin which sends local occupancy grid maps to e.g. ROS (because I want to build a OGM sensor directly in gazebo ;) ). For doing so, a hand full of opencv calculations are needed. If it comes to more and more calculations, Gazebo suddenly stucks. For example, if I just take 25 rays @10Hz into account, it works. With 51 @10Hz it begins to lag. With 201 @10Hz even the visualization wont show up. I am a bit confused, because my CPU shows a very fair workload, and is not at 100% in all cases.

Am I missing something here? Do the plugins need to return in a defined amount of time, so that gazebo can work smoothly?

Kind regards, tik0

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