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Boost filesystem3 not found when building Gazebo from source

asked 2013-01-14 18:31:01 -0500

yipenghuang0302 gravatar image

I am building Gazebo 1.3.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 and have all the dependencies needed for the build in place. I am using Boost library version 1.52. The build process has no problems through configuring using cmake, but during linking the gazebo executable file, I run into the message

common/ undefined reference toboost::filesystem3::detail::status(boost::filesystem3::path const&, boost::system::error_code*)'`,

along with other errors in finding Boost filesystem3 calls.

I have applied the patch from here but it still does not fix the filesystem3 compatibility issue.

Has anyone compiled Gazebo using Boost library 1.52, and resolved the filesystem3 conflicts?

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-01-17 15:02:45 -0500

yipenghuang0302 gravatar image

This problem was a result of having multiple installations of lib Boost.

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