How to speedup the gazebo ros openni kinect plugin rate

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updated 2015-04-05 22:19:43 -0500


I'm simulating a differential drive robot with a Kinect using the gazebo ros openni kinect plugin. The publishing rate I get (with rostopic hz) for the Kinect point cloud is only at around 22 Hz. This is even after slowing down the physics update rate to 100 Hz.

When I slow down the physics update rate further down, e. g. 50 Hz I get the desired 30 Hz. But I think this might lead to some other problems, as it seems rather low.

Is the plugin in general slow and is there a way / parameter to speed it up?

I'm working on a Intel i5 760 @ 2.8 Ghz with a nvidia GTX 650 Ti, not the most powerfull rig but should be okish?

Plugin settings:

<gazebo reference="${link_name}">
    <sensor type="depth" name="${camera_name}">       

        <plugin name="${camera_name}_controller" filename="">
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