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Gazebo plugin-Failed to resolve RegisterPlugin error+ Gazebo topic visualization

asked 2015-05-08 05:17:58 -0500

haz88 gravatar image

BH I'm trying to attach a plugin to this launch fileC:\fakepath\turtlebotworld2.launch. When launching the file, I keep getting this error: Error [Plugin.hh:158] Failed to resolve RegisterPlugin: /home/hayim/buildworldtutorial/build/ undefined symbol: RegisterPlugin[ INFO] [1431075019.325996696]: Starting plugin Kobuki(ns = //)!

Must mention,The plugin is attached according to the [Overview of Gazebo Plugins tutorial] while the names are changed and also the file as described by this attached file. C:\fakepath\

Generally, the code should move the turtlebot forward and I wish to see that in gazebo.

By the way, how come I can't see the cmdvelmux topic by picking the topic visualization tab on Gazebo?

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I cannot see your using gazebo model plugin in

winston gravatar imagewinston ( 2015-05-09 10:15:13 -0500 )edit

Sorry, I attached the wrong file....this is the right one:

haz88 gravatar imagehaz88 ( 2015-05-09 14:19:22 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-05-09 14:21:06 -0500

haz88 gravatar image
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