Hokuyo Laser Scanner: how to get access to all datas?

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Hi guys, I m working right now for a robot's design which does use the following plugin in Gazebo:

<plugin name="gazebo_ros_head_hokuyo_controller" filename="libgazebo_ros_gpu_laser.so" >

The problem is that there are many other options in the laser_scan message:

# Single scan from a planar laser range-finder

Header header
# stamp: The acquisition time of the first ray in the scan.
# frame_id: The laser is assumed to spin around the positive Z axis
# (counterclockwise, if Z is up) with the zero angle forward along the x axis

float32 angle_min # start angle of the scan [rad]
float32 angle_max # end angle of the scan [rad]
float32 angle_increment # angular distance between measurements [rad]

float32 time_increment # time between measurements [seconds] - if your scanner
# is moving, this will be used in interpolating position of 3d points
float32 scan_time # time between scans [seconds]

float32 range_min # minimum range value [m]
float32 range_max # maximum range value [m]

float32[] ranges # range data [m] (Note: values < range_min or > range_max should be discarded)
float32[] intensities # intensity data [device-specific units]. If your
# device does not provide intensities, please leave the array empty.

that I need to set.

The problem is that I can set only few of the available options (like frame-id and frame-world). How can I change for example the parameter angle_increment?

Even this site was not useful for my problems.


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