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VisualPlugin reading contact forces crashes gazebo (black screen)

asked 2015-06-02 04:35:56 -0600

niall gravatar image

updated 2015-06-02 04:36:41 -0600


I'm making my own gazebo plugin to read the contact forces on an object and the change the visual information accordingly. So far, I've been combining:

The plugin I made compiles fine but gives me a black screen when gazebo starts and crashes after about 100 iterations (becomes unresponsive). Verbose mode gives me no errors except a warning after about 30 seconds: "[Wrn] [] Queue limit reached for topic /gazebo/default/pose/local/info, deleting message. This warning is printed only once."

Are there any other ways to figure out exactly why my plugin is crashing? I think it might have something to do with the way I create the subscriber. Here's my code:



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2 Answers

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answered 2015-06-02 15:49:50 -0600

niall gravatar image

Here's what worked in the end:


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answered 2015-06-02 11:37:45 -0600

nkoenig gravatar image

You have an infinite while loop in your OnUpdate() function which will block Gazebo. Any Event connection from Gazebo, must return. It's also a good idea to return as quickly as possible.

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You are totally right, thanks. Though I don't fully understand how this does work in the standalone subscriber (with a main) and not in this plugin... Anyway, removing it, along with some other changes, did the trick. I'll post the code below for others as reference :).

niall gravatar imageniall ( 2015-06-02 15:49:03 -0600 )edit

A plugin is managed by Gazebo, which has it's own main loop. In a standalone program you have to write your own main loop.

nkoenig gravatar imagenkoenig ( 2015-06-02 17:32:23 -0600 )edit
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