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Adding White Noise to a camera

asked 2015-06-06 05:53:20 -0500

Paulo gravatar image


I need to do a grid shearch to caracherize the error of the camera I'm working with in gazebo.

For that I need to add white noise to the camera.

In the URDF I see that Gazebo already does that.

      <!-- Noise is sampled independently per pixel on each frame.
           That pixel's noise value is added to each of its color
           channels, which at that point lie in the range [0,1]. -->

Are there any instructions or something I can read to know more about how I should tune this 2 parameters? Any examples/tutorials here is Gazebo?

I hope Gazebo doesn't use just rand() function to generate this white noise. It doesn't right?

The ideia I have is to leave the mean at zero and just increase the stddev, but to what number?

Thx for help.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-06-12 10:00:48 -0500

tonylindsay gravatar image

I'm guessing trial and error will be your friend. I'm currently using mean = 0.0 and stddev = 0.1

If you run the simulation and press 'ctrl' and 't' it brings up a Gazebo Topic Selector.

Accessing the 'gazebo.msgs.ImageStamped' option lets you see the camera sensor image with noise. you can adjust your stddev to suit.

hope this helps


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