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How to create a 3D World Enviroment of a particular Area

asked 2015-08-11 14:12:02 -0500

edo_raci gravatar image

Dear Gazebo Users!

Thank you for taking time reading this Question! I need to make a 3D world model of my School and let the Robot go through this area... for example from building A to building B.

First of all is this possible ?

If yes how do i approach this Problem in the best way possible?Should i model everything with another Programm and then just add that model to Gazebo.

I really need Help!

Thank you very much!

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-08-12 11:57:09 -0500

chapulina gravatar image

You could try using the Building Editor to create SDF models for your buildings. It should be especially easy if you have the floor-plans for the area.

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Asked: 2015-08-11 14:12:02 -0500

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