Connect plugin to Projector

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I'm trying to use a projector on a model and i need a connection to ROS.

I've tried to work with SDF and not URDF as most tutorials.

I took the gazebosrosprojector plugin from gazeborosplugin folder and tried to add it to my model.

My model is like

< model >

< link >
< /link >

< link >
< projector >
< /projector >
< /link >

< /model >

When I add the plugin inside the <projector>, it's not called (I've put some debug inside Load() )

When I add the plugin to the model, I don't get how to connect it to my projector, it is saying :
Unable to find value for key[projector]

I can make this error disappear by adding another < projector > field inside the plugin declaration but I can't see how to link it to my projector.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

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