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Roslaunch utilising Gazebo 1.0 not Gazebo 1.3

asked 2013-01-21 17:59:49 -0500

PMilani gravatar image

updated 2013-01-21 18:08:38 -0500

Hi All

I've installed Gazebo 1.3 to replace the Gazebo 1.0 as suggested here.

However when I go to run previous roslaunch files (for a gazebo 1.0 model) instead of launching Gazebo 1.3 and parsing the model to 1.3, it instead launches Gazebo 1.0 with no changes to what I had before installing Gazebo 1.3. I've followed the directions given, and my launch file is based on the old rosplugin.launch. However it doesn't seem to specify a version:

  <!-- set use_sim_time flag -->
  <param name="/use_sim_time" value="true" />
  <node name="gazebo" pkg="gazebo" type="gazebo" args="$(find HMMv2)/worlds/" respawn="false" output="screen"/>
  <node name="gazebo_gui" pkg="gazebo" type="gui" respawn="false" output="screen"/>
  <node name="imageviewhead" pkg="image_view" type="image_view" args="image:=/gazebo/cam_sensor1" />
  <node name="imageviewRH" pkg="image_view" type="image_view" args="image:=/gazebo/cam_sensor2" />

now I take from the above launch file that it is using the simulator from the gazebo package in /opt/ros/fuerte/stacks/simulator-gazebo/gazebo.

How do i change it to direct to where the gazebo 1.3 files are stored, the binaries are located in usr/bin, with the rest of the parts spread across the /usr/ folders



I can run Gazebo 1.3 from the commandline no problem.

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answered 2013-01-23 23:02:44 -0500

nkoenig gravatar image

updated 2013-02-07 09:53:16 -0500

I believe the problem is that roslaunch uses rospack to find the location of Gazebo. If the path to Gazebo 1.0 is first in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable, then roslaunch will use the 1.0 version.

Right now, the easiest way is to sudo apt-get install drcsim, and source the /usr/share/drcsim/ file.


I think roslaunch can't launch programs that live outside of ROS. Someone should correct me if I'm wrong. One work around is to create a bash script that lives inside a ROS package. The bash script can then run gazebo. For example:

gazebo $1
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Don't working for me

Davide Zanin gravatar imageDavide Zanin ( 2013-01-28 08:50:28 -0500 )edit

yeah sorry nate, but installing drcsim, copying across all the paths from the setup file to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH, doesn't work either. is the drcsim formatted as a ros stack? or would removing the gazebo 1.0 stack be suitable (by moving the directory and replacing the executables in the fuerte bin folder with the 1.3 executables? )

PMilani gravatar imagePMilani ( 2013-02-06 16:15:29 -0500 )edit

What is DRC anyways? I tried to google it, found the user guide, but the explanation of what it is is not implemented yet: .

Ben B gravatar imageBen B ( 2013-02-19 19:59:31 -0500 )edit

I believe its the simulator for the Darpa Robotics Challenge. Theres a simulation track in the competition and the DRC is the simulator to use. Its based on Gazebo with the latest refinements

PMilani gravatar imagePMilani ( 2013-02-20 20:39:21 -0500 )edit

PMilani is correct. The simulation component is called the Virtual Robotics Challenge, which is taking place this June.

nkoenig gravatar imagenkoenig ( 2013-02-26 17:39:45 -0500 )edit


Ben B gravatar imageBen B ( 2013-02-26 18:49:24 -0500 )edit
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