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cloudsim spawns high CPU instance (paid) on free EC2 AWS

I installed cloudsim on AWS EC2 free version micro instance. After some trouble and heartache with the installation, it finally worked. However, when I went to launch a drc simulation instance, it stated that it was spawning a High GPU instance in order to run the simulation. I am fully away aware of the heavy requirements that drcsim needs to perform the rendering and calculations. However, I was surprised that it was allowed to spawn a High CPU instance from within my free EC2. When I contacted AWS, they confirmed that indeed the instance it was spawning to run the simulation is a paid service and somewhat expensive at that. Is there a way to force cloudsim to spawn all its instances using only the free micro version of AWS EC2? Are we expected to pay for the High GPU model in order to run cloudsim? Is there another way for us to run cloudsim?