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Loading multiple system plugins with Gazebo + ROS

I'm using ROS Indigo with Gazebo. I've created a system plugin for Gazebo that interfaces with ROS. I want to load this system plugin in addition to the the gazebo_ros system plugin (libgazebo_ros_api_plugin.so). One way that I am able to do this is to pass in the following argument to "empty_world.launch" in gazebo_ros:

<arg name="extra_gazebo_args" value="-s libgazebo_ros_api_plugin.so -s libobject_interaction_plugin.so"/> <!--  Load my plugin as a system plugin. Has to be after gazebo_ros plugin -->

Unfortuantely, this creates a single node "/gazebo" from which all the topics from the gazebo_ros plugin and my plugin are published (which I'd like to avoid). Is there any other way to load a system plugin into gazebo along with the gazebo_ros plugin?