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Building a plugin : missing SDF.hh

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create my first gazebo plugin. As a start, my goal would be to mix the contact and the diffdrive plugins such as when the robots bumps something it changes direction.

I've copied the and ContactPlugin.hh files found on bitbucket -> gazebo -> plugin, renamed all contactplugin to modcontactplugin but when I tried building I get the following error :

In file included from ~/models/my_robot/plugins/ModContactPlugin.hh:26:0, from ~/models/my_robot/plugins/ /usr/include/gazebo-6.5/gazebo/common/Plugin.hh:42:22: fatal error: sdf/sdf.hh: No such file or directory #include <sdf sdf.hh="">

I've looked under /usr/include and I have the folders sdformat-2.0 and sdformat-3.7 but no SDF folder.

Thanks for the help!