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Why ground_plane has mu 100 mu2 50 if documentation says it's in range [0..1]

Checking out friction parameters trying to solve situations involving grasping and a humanoid walking I ended up with a doubt:

If I check mu and mu2 parameters from ground_plane in the different sdf versions they have values like 100 and 50 or 1000 and 500.

Meanwhile sdf documentation ( says it's in range [0..1].

I've tried spawning an inclined box as a ramp and spawning a cube over it and play with it's mu and mu2 values. I found out that anything over 1.0 seems to be treated as just 1.0.

I've tested this on Gazebo 2.2 and Gazebo 4.0.

Here you can see a video of the friction acting like that with a tool I made to spawn a inclined ramp and a cube over it with the parameters I tell it on the fly: