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Problems when making the robot move in rviz

I made my bipedal robot walk in gazebo simulation environment reccently,and I'd like to make it also move in the rviz.
I added the following lines to the robot urdf file:
<gazebo> <plugin filename="" name="gazebo_ros_3d"> <alwaysOn>true</alwaysOn> <updateRate>100.0</updateRate> <bodyName>base_link</bodyName> <topicName>/ground_truth_odom</topicName> <frameName>map</frameName> </plugin> </gazebo>
Then I wrote a node which subscribes to the topic ground_truth_odom and publishes odom to base_link tf as soon as it receives msgs.And I changed Fixed Frame to odom in rviz correspondingly.
As a result, the robot itself responds so slowly in rviz .About 2~3 seconds the robot changes its pose in rviz ,most of the time it remains still.Why would this happen?Thanks in advance.