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Symbolic jacobian of an arm

Hi all,

I've a 7 DOF arm described in .xacro format and I would like to extrapolate its jacobian in symbolic form (not numerical angle values in the matrix ).

I tried to use KDL for this scope, and I was able to obtain the jacobian of this arm but in a numerical form. That is, during a gazebo simulation, I could read the values of each angles, insert them in the jacobian matrix with a specific kdl command, and obtain the jacobian matrix on every gazebo step time.

That's ok, but if I have another target in which I need the symbolic for of this jacobian from which extrapolate other matrix (inertial, coriolis ecc..), I'm not able to do this. (For example if I want to control my arm in a particular way in which I need the dynamic expression of the system).

Has anyone every have this problem? Is there a method with kdl or another software that I can use?

Thank you!