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Control of Closed-Kinematic Chain with a Plugin


I am working on a robot arm.

I simulated with gazebo and the PID controller provided and it works just fine. But, what I want is only to have the kinematic control of the robot, without having to take into account inertia and other stuff.

Therefore I used a plugin to set the angle of a joint for instance, which works just fine usually, but it seems that it doesnt work so easily in the case of a closed-loop chain. Indeed, here, every joints are linked and if one moves, it triggers the others.

What can I do to take this into account? Is there an option in Gazebo GUI for kinematic control only? I havent saw it so far.. If not, do you have any hint so that I can work on a plugin on my side? Please note that I am working on Gazebo as a standalone, whithout ROS. Also, I dont have the authorization from my company to provide any pictures.

Thank you by advance and have a nice day,