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Implementation of a Ground Sensing Sensor

Hi Guys,

i have a complex geometric file, exported as Collada. The building consists of several layers, such as a multi-layered houses with bumpy levels, I want to create a plugin (for example a sensor plugin), which is able to perceive or calculate the following information, which could be called a Ground Sensing Sensor. The following information shall be derived and calculated:

  • project the sensor position on the nearest layer of the building (corresponds to a ray casting with a plumb vector with z=(0,0,1)
  • Then, the z-coordinate and the normal vector of this projected point shall be printed.

I checked the ContactManager class, which is used in the Contact Sensor Plugin, but i think this is only applicable for contacts, which already have been occurred. I also would like to work with the collision data structures, because i think this is much cheaper than working with a sensor based on depth sensor for example.

Do you have any ideas?

Best regards!