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Problem publishing Gazebo camera topic for ROS.

I'm trying to use the camera sensor in Gazebo to take images in my simulation and view them in ROS.

Things that Do work:

  • I can view the camera images in Gazebo by using the Topic Visualization and select my camera.
  • I installed gazebo_ros_pkgs from source.
  • If I run for example: 'roslaunch gazebo_ros empty_world.launch' and run 'rostopic list' I will see a list containing Gazebo topics.

The problem is that If I add my model with the camera, no new topic is published (nothing changes in the rostopic list). I suspect the problem has something to do with that the camera plug-in doesn't load properly. As far as I understand, this plug-in is responsible for the publishing to ROS. I noticed that my GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH isn't set. I have tried to set my path to the build directory in gazebo_ros_pkgs but that did nothing for me.

I'm completely stuck and would really appreciate any help,