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Missing: ignition msgs0 Library in Windows

In the eleventh step of installation of Gazebo tool in windows, the ..\configure command gives an error of

Looking for ignition-msgs0-config.cmake - not found

Missing: Ignition msgs0 Library

Looking for ignition-math2-config.cmake - found

Missing: Ignition Transport (libignition-transport-dev or libignition-transport2-dev

Looking for libosvrClientKit and ClientKit.h - not found

OpenSource Virtual Reality(OSVR) support will be disabled.

CMake error at cmake/SearchForStuff.cmake: 746 (file):

file STRINGS file "E:/gz-ws/gazebo/QWT_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND/qwt-global.h" cannot be read

Call Stack (most recent call first):

CMakeLists.txt:127 (include)

I think that it is unable to find the required file and path can anyone help with same!!